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Despite strict discipline in following a healthy diet and exercise, some areas of the body will retain “stubborn” areas of fat that just won’t go away and the neck may be one of these areas. The most effective way of permanently removing stubborn pockets of neck fat in the Wesley Chapel, Trinity, and Pasco County region is through a procedure called neck liposuction. Dr. Brown utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to permanently remove stubborn fat pockets in order to safely maximize your final contour while avoiding complications. While this treatment is not meant to improve upon obesity, cellulite, or stretch marks, it can make a dramatic change in the right patients, creating a sleeker, more defined neck region.

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Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves the use of metal cannulas or tubes, that are placed through very small incisions in order to directly remove fat from the chosen areas of the body, arms, thighs, or neck. Dr. Brown utilizes a special technique, called SAFE liposuction to ensure an even contour is left behind while minimizing potential for contour irregularities. This procedure can be done with power assistance, ultrasound assistance, or laser assistance for different purposes


  • Tighter, Firmer Neck
  • More Defined Jawline
  • Healthier, More Youthful Appearance
  • Improved Neck Line
  • Increased Self-Confidence


There are “pros and cons” to every option when considering treatment for a heavy neck, whether it is operative or “non-invasive”. The benefit of undergoing surgical removal of neck fat through liposuction is that it is performed with one procedure with one period of recovery. Swelling is typically improved after several weeks and the results are permanent. This procedure may be performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia, depending on the severity and plans for other surgeries. Patients may resume their exercise regimen about 2-3 weeks after the procedure.


For young patients with good skin elasticity, there will be some skin tightening along with fat removal. However, liposuction will not treat a sagging appearance in patients with preexisting excess skin that lacks elasticity. If skin laxity is a concern, you can speak to Dr. Brown during your consultation to discuss options for improving skin texture, such as a neck lift.

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Contact Dr. Brown and his friendly staff at Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery to book your initial consultation and find out how you can enhance your profile with our specialized neck liposuction procedure.

PS:  Neck Liposuction is also offered at Trinity, Wesley Chapel, Pasco County and surrounding areas.


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