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Shape can matter just as much, if not more, than size. While many patients may be satisfied with the size of their breasts, the position or shape of their breasts might affect their confidence in their appearance. In these cases, a professional breast lift can help you match your body to your aesthetic goals and boost your confidence in how you look and feel.

At SynergyMD, we focus on providing our patients with an optimized and transformative experience that leaves them feeling confident in their bodies. We personalize every breast lift to create an ideal outcome for each patient using modern techniques and the latest advancements. Contact us today to learn more and get started on achieving a new aesthetic.

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What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to benefit patients who want to address concerns about the shape or position of their breasts. As one of the most adaptable breast procedures, a breast lift can target a range of concerns and improve your breasts’ appearance in several ways. 

The procedure works by combining three key procedure steps:

  • We remove excess skin
  • We tighten the underlying tissues, such as muscles
  • And we pull the breast into its new position and shape

Combining Breast Procedures

For many patients, they can achieve additional aesthetic improvements when combining a breast lift with another procedure. One of the most popular combinations is to have a breast lift at the same time as a breast augmentation. In these cases, patients can address not only concerns about size and position, but they can increase breast size for a more transformative approach. Additionally, patients who have had a breast reduction may benefit from a breast lift to achieve a suitable result.


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Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

A breast lift is ideal for patients who only want to address shape and position concerns. For enhance the size of the breast, you would likely benefit more from our breast augmentation option. However, you can also combine the two to see improvements in shape and dimension.

Breast lifts are ideal for patients who want to:

  • Address drooping or sagging breasts
  • Achieve better breast symmetry (for size and position)
  • Elevate the breasts to a livelier position

The ideal breast lift candidate will also be in overall good health, be non-smoking, and have healthy expectations about the procedure. The first step to see if a breast lift at SynergyMD is right for you is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brown, our board-certified cosmetic surgeon. After discussing your goals with him, Dr. Brown can match you with the ideal treatment to help you achieve them.

What Is the Recovery Like?

As a breast lift is a full cosmetic surgery, the recovery period will be similar to other procedures. While the exact timeline of each patient’s recovery can vary, it is common for patients to take about two weeks off during the initial healing period. During this time, you will need to avoid physical activities and allow your body to heal. SynergyMD will provide you with a complete list of recovery instructions and checkup visits to monitor your progress. As you heal, you can eventually return to physical activities with Dr. Brown’s approval.

You can return home the same day as your breast lift in Tampa, but you will need someone to drive you. There will be some pain and swelling around your breasts for some time, but this will gradually decrease. You will also be able to manage any discomfort with pain medication to maximize your comfort while recovering. If you have any questions while recovering from your breast lift, we will be glad to help.

When Can I See Results?

While a breast lift makes immediate changes to your breasts, it can take some time to see your final results. Namely, you will need to wait for the swelling to fully go down, which can take a month or two. If you also had a breast augmentation, your final results will be apparent after a couple of months once the implants have fully settled into their final shape. However, the good news is that breast lift results last for years, especially if you take good care of yourself while recovering and afterward.

Breast Lift before after picture of a patient
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Take the first step today toward achieving a stunning new look with a personalized breast lift at SynergyMD. Start by scheduling your consultation for a one-on-one meeting with your surgeon to learn more about this popular procedure and see if it is right for you. We work closely with our patients at every step, ensuring you receive a fully-tailored experience that matches your ideals. Call SynergyMD or use our online form to lock in your consultation for breast lift today!


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