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Birthmarks can appear in almost any shape and size anywhere on the body. For many individuals, birthmarks can remain small and invisible. However, it is far from uncommon for a birthmark to be both large and in a spot that can make you feel self-conscious. Our non-surgical birthmark removal in Tampa aims to reduce the visibility of birthmarks and give you clearer, more vibrant skin.

At SynergyMD, we focus on providing our patients with an optimized and tailored experience that matches their individual needs and goals. We adapt every birthmark removal treatment to create an ideal outcome for each patient using modern techniques and the latest advancements. Contact us today to learn more and get started on finding your optimal non-surgical birthmark removal plan today in Tampa.

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What Is Birthmark Removal? How Does It Work?

At SynergyMD, we help patients treat their birthmarks through non-invasive treatments that are fast, safe, and comfortable. Our birthmark removal program works by using a fully adaptable laser treatment to target the pigments or blood vessels that are the cause of a birthmark. These focused bursts of light energy are delivered to these targets, breaking them up. Your body then does the rest for you, replacing them with healthy cells that match the rest of your body. The skin around the birthmark and the surrounding tissues all remain safe and intact throughout the process, thanks to the precision of the treatment. 

Benefits of Birthmark Removal

  • Achieve clearer skin
  • Remove or significantly reduce birthmark visibility
  • Boost your confidence in your appearance
  • No scarring or downtime
  • Fully adaptable and tailored experience

Can I Have My Birthmark Removed?

If you have a birthmark or skin blemish that has been bothering you, then you could benefit from non-surgical birthmark removal in Tampa. Our double board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Lombardi, works closely with each patient to build a birthmark removal program that will provide optimal results. Some birthmarks can prove more resistant to removal than others, however. Even in extreme cases, our treatment can significantly reduce the visibility of most birthmarks.

There are a variety of birthmark types and degrees of severity. This is why it is vital to work with an experienced dermatologist in order to see results that meet your expectations. During your consultation, Dr. Lombardi can examine your birthmark and provide you with an overview of what results you should be able to expect. For many patients, your results will be skin that is completely free of your birthmark.

Wherever you have your birthmark, we can adapt the procedure to treat it. Whether your birthmark is on your hands, face, chest, or anywhere else, we can help you reduce it or remove it entirely.

Is There a Recovery Period?

Since our birthmark removal program is non-surgical, you will not need to worry about an extended downtime. However, there is a brief period where your skin may experience slight redness, swelling, or sensitivity. These effects are all normal and tend to fade within a matter of days. Some patients prefer to take a few days off work until the redness goes down, but you can still go about any activities during this time.

Still, it will be important to keep the treated area out of the sun while your body works to heal. Too much sun exposure can interfere with the results and cause additional irritation at the treatment sites. Additionally, drinking plenty of water will help with your results, as your skin will need to stay hydrated to do its side of the job efficiently.

When Can I See Results?

While final results of birthmark removal treatments can take some time, many patients report that their birthmark has been completely removed. Most patients will also need more than one birthmark removal session to reach their final results. During your consultation, Dr. Lombardi can give you an estimate of the number of treatments you may need to see your birthmark fully removed. This way, you will never be in the dark about what you can expect from your birthmark removal treatment. With each treatment, you should see improved results and decreased birthmark visibility. Your final birthmark removal results should appear several weeks to a few months after your final treatment session. By this point, most patients will see their birthmarks fully removed and replaced by even, clear skin.

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Take the first step today toward achieving clear and vibrant with personalized birthmark removal at SynergyMD in Tampa. Start by scheduling your consultation for a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Lombardi to learn if you could benefit from this treatment. We work closely with our patients at every step, ensuring you receive a fully-tailored experience that provides a significant decrease in birthmark visibility. Call SynergyMD or use our online form to lock in your consultation for birthmark removal today!


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