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Moles might be physically harmless, but they can still have a negative impact on your life. When they appear in conspicuous places, they can interfere with feeling confident about that part of your body. Fortunately, treating this common cosmetic concern is quite simple with modern methods. Our double board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Lombardi, can help you safely remove moles or skin tags at his Tampa practice.

At SynergyMD, we focus on providing our patients with an optimized and tailored experience that matches their individual needs and goals. We adapt every mole removal treatment to create an ideal outcome for each patient using modern techniques and the latest advancements. Contact us today to learn more and get started on finding your optimal non-surgical mole removal plan today in Tampa.

How Does Mole Removal Work?

Moles are just one of the various skin growths that we can safely remove at SynergyMD. Moles and skin tags appear when your cells divide and grow faster than they should, resulting in a raised bump often brownish in color. Generally, moles are harmless on their own and rarely become anything more than a blemish. Still, that doesn’t mean they cannot impact your life. 

First, we examine the moles you want removed to determine if it is benign. We then work with you to find a mole removal treatment that suits you and will have the best outcome. Dr. Lombardi has three core ways that he removes moles and skin tags.

Using Heat: A precise amount of heat can cauterize the growth.
Using Cold: Freezing a mole is one of the most reliable and safest ways to remove a skin tag.
Surgical Removal: Dr. Lombardi uses sterilized surgical scissors to clip off the mole at the base.

The method that is best for you will depend on the location and size of the mole, as well as some additional factors.

Benefits of Mole Removal

  • Achieve clearer skin without blemishes
  • Permanently remove moles
  • Boost your confidence in your appearance
  • No scarring or downtime
  • Fully adaptable and tailored experience

Can I Have My Moles Removed?

If you have a non-cancerous mole, then the odds are that our mole removal treatment can help you get rid of it. When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Lombardi can let you know what removal options you have and the results you can expect from each one. Even though this is a routine treatment, Dr. Lombardi still provides his full attention and effort to ensure a smooth procedure and ideal outcome.

In every case, it is far better and safer to have a professional remove a mole than to try taking care of it at home. At-home mole removal not only increases the risk of infection or adverse effects, but can result in significant scarring when done incorrectly. 

Is There a Recovery Period?

With Dr. Lombardi’s hot or cold mole removal methods, there is typically no downtime period involved. However, it will still be important to follow the right aftercare instructions for the treated area. The treated area can be red, sore, and slightly swollen, but these fade soon. If you notice some small blister form where the mole was removed, this is also normal and will go away on its own.

Even surgical mole removal is fast and virtually painless. Still, there may be some stitches where the mole was removed. But these are taken out with a week or two at most. Any scarring can be reduced through non-surgical treatments at SynergyMD as well.

When Can I See Results?

For surgical mole removal, you can see immediate results. That mole is gone for good. Once the area where the mole was removed finishes healing, many patients choose to have an additional treatment to ensure the skin does not scar. Popular ways to reduce any scarring include laser treatments and chemical peels. As part of your consultation, Dr. Lombardi can provide complete information on what your options are for after your mole is removed. 

Some patients may find that moles grow back. As the body’s mechanisms are unpredictable, this can happen at times. However, it is always easy to remove any new moles early on before they grow too large. Contact us if any new moles appear and we will help you get rid of them as well!

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Take the first step today toward achieving clear and vibrant with personalized skin tag and mole removal at SynergyMD in Tampa. Start by scheduling your consultation for a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Lombardi to learn if you could benefit from this treatment. We work closely with our patients at every step, ensuring you receive a fully-tailored experience that provides a mole-free outcome. Call SynergyMD or use our online form to lock in your consultation for mole removal in Tampa today!


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