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P-Sculpt™, is a unique technique used by Dr. Milan Lombardi, to treat Pearly Penile Papules.

Pearly penile papules can look concerning, but the right dermatologist can help you treat them easily. With professional pearly penile papules treatment in Tampa, you can restore peace of mind and confidence. We have helped numerous patients overcome this common condition and get back to fully enjoying their lives.

These small benign growths occur on the penis. While they are not physically dangerous, they can still impact your life negatively, especially in regards to sexual confidence. SynergyMD provides compassionate and discrete treatment options to remove PPP and get your life back on track.

Who Can Have Pearly Penile Papules?

Any patient who was born male can develop this condition, as they occur on the head of the penis. While they are more common right after puberty, they can occur at almost any point in your life without warning. Uncircumcised men appear to have them more often, but they can occur in circumcised patients as well.

If you believe you have PPP, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our board-certified dermatologist. Making an accurate and timely diagnosis is crucial to getting the right treatment.

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What Causes Pearly Penile Papules?

While the exact cause of PPP remains unknown, we can say a few things with certainty about them. First off, they are not a risk to your physical health. Also, they are neither contagious nor are they a sign of any sexually transmitted disease. Current research suggests they are either genetic or are related to development in the womb.

However, just because they are not a health risk does not mean they shouldn’t be treated. PPP can have a significant impact on a patient’s confidence, especially during sexual activity. Our goal is to provide a safe and effective treatment that can restore the penis to a clear and aesthetically pleasing state.

How Can I Treat This Condition?

SynergyMD provides several effective options for treating pearly penile papules. The first step to see which treatment will clear up your PPP is to schedule your personal consultation. Our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Lombardi, will work with you personally to find the best option based on your individual situation.

Each of our treatment options uses minimally-invasive methods proven to provide fast results. Each treatment precisely targets only the papules themselves. That means there should be no other visible changes. And, of course, you should not encounter any problems with sexual performance related to the treatment. In short, everything will look better but feel just how it should.

Unfortunately, PPP does not go away on its own, though they made slightly fade or darken with age. With this in mind, we recommend getting treatment as soon as you can to minimize the impact they can have on your life and intimate relations.

PPP Treatment Overview: What Is It Like?

Most of our treatment options for PPP in Tampa require only a single session with our dermatologist. For mild to medium cases, we should be able to remove any papules almost immediately. In cases where the papules are larger, we may break the treatment down into several sessions to provide you with your ideal results. During your consultation, we can provide you with a personalized overview of what you can expect from treatment based on your situation and goals.

The treatment itself is generally well tolerated, and requires little downtime. Patients can typically return to sexual activity quickly after treatment and fully enjoy their results.

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Start Your Treatment With SynergyMD

If you have developed pearly penile papules, our award-winning dermatologist can help. Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Lombardi to learn more about your treatment options and get started on your personal treatment plan. We work closely with every patient to provide discrete pearly penile papules treatment in Tampa and a comfortable experience every step of the way.


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