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SynergyMD is the result of a collaboration between two of Tampa’s most skilled physicians. Dr. Milan Lombardi and Dr. Joseph Brown have teamed up to deliver a wider variety of cosmetic procedures all in one place, allowing patients greater freedom and range of choice. Both of these physicians work according to similar ideals, providing a synergistic approach that puts the patient first and creates a space for optimal results.

Synergy. Harmony. Beauty.

By working together at SynergyMD, Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Brown can provide more for their patients. This especially rings true when patients are looking for more than one procedure. Through seamless collaboration, Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Brown can provide better results through open lines of communication and a balanced aesthetic eye between them.

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Ivy League trained Double Certified Cosmetic
and Laser Dermatologist

Double Board-Certified Cosmetic

Dr. Milan Lombardi
Dr. Lombardi builds his medical approach on two factors: trusting relationships with his patients and making the world a better place. When combined with his focus on thinking outside the box, the results speak for themselves. He approaches every patient’s treatment as an opportunity for growth in both the patient and the physician, a chance to build upon and draw out natural beauty.

Background and Education

  • Vassar College with honors
  • Medical Degree from Cornell University Medical
    College in NYC
  • Dermatology Residency at Washington University
    School of Medicine/Barnes-Jewish Consortium in St. Louis
  • Post-graduate training at Stanford University Hospital
  • Performed research at:
  • Department of Dermatology at Cornell University
    Medical College
  • Columbia University’s Department of Applied Physics
  • NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Hospital for Special Surgery

Cosmetic and medical dermatology for the:

  • Face
  • Skin
  • Body
  • Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery


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